1. slimguns

    Who sells the cool little steel body .22 targets??

    I remember seeing them on here months ago but I was broke and now I finally have some money that hasn't been spent on ammo and I can't find the guy. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Slim
  2. CDiPrecision

    Suppressors Local SO has cool 00 Buck rounds..

    I was talking with a Sheriff friend of mine last night and he showed me his Short barreled shotgun, and the rounds they have. 12Ga 00 Buck, 8 pellets, and they apparently have netting or membrane around the pellets. This holds them together till they impact(No spreadout). I don't remember what...
  3. Robert DiGiorgio

    Photos Some cool action pics

    some play time with the new hardware
  4. gunman_7

    Maggie’s Thunderstorm Time Lapse - Very cool video
  5. B

    Barrel cool down?

    Takeing the new rifle down saturday to see what she likes. Getting as many different boxes as i can find, but i was wondering about heat. I know it makes bigtime differences in large caliber rifles, but what kind of cool down should i give the rifle between groups, or between different brands...