1. S

    Fieldcraft Correct me (UPDATE WITH RANGE REPORT AND PICS)

    I got my new base this weekend and it did the trick.....along with some good hand loads and a beautiful washington day, I zerod with no troubles in about 8-9rds then fired the following at 200yds.....
  2. srtsam

    what is the correct sling used on the early m40

    Okay, I recently got the remington commemorative m40. I ordered the green leupold scope and badger retro rings. I was thinking about going authentic but decided against it as it is on a commemorative rifle. Anyway, the rifle comes with a nylon sling in the box. I am wondering what was the...
  3. G

    AWS> help with creation of a correct replica.

    I welcome you, respected comrades! Alexey from Russia writes to you. I am the fan of sniper rifles, in particular, manufactures AI. In in view of complexity of acquisition of fire-arms at us in Russia, I have taken a great interest in game in airsoft (strikeball). But, unfortunately, the...
  4. J

    Is this the correct bullet?

    Is this product from midsouth, the same bullet used in MK262 Mod 1 ammo? Thanks. Jack
  5. sobrbiker883

    Rifle Scopes Will a scope correct my vison?

    Here's the question, if I'm nearsighted and wear glasses for distance will my scope make up for that? I set my diopter for reticle clarity, and adjust my objective so I have no parallax, and I'm having a hard time focusing on small precision targets on paper at 100. I was blaming my scope for...
  6. F

    Rifle Scopes Correct ring height for 700 rifles?

    I am on the verge of acquiring both an LTR and XCR compact. After I put on a quality one piece picatinney rail (Badger Ordnance or Nightforce) I am not sure which height scope rings to get. I plan on equipping both with 30mm scopes that have an 50mm objectives. I find the "factory" stocks...
  7. Saito

    Range Report Correct Native Drag Model

    What would be the correct Native Drag Model for a .308dia 208 grain Hornady A-max when using the Ballistic FTE program on the Ipod Touch? I'm currently using G1, I know from experience that G7(VLD boat tail) is not correct. G5(Low Base Boat Tail) looks like it may be correct. I've only tried G7...
  8. H

    300rum is a 308 win correct ?

    i am trying to make sure i got a true understanding of what i am getting into. to shoot 1000yds a person chooses a caliber, i/e 6mm, 7mm, 30 cal, 338, etc and then basically wants to find a large catridge to chamber that in, i/e more powder/larger loads give you more options to get out to...