1. C

    Gunsmithing Beretta CX4 9mm rifle barrel Threading

    We recently had a customer come in and ask us to thread the barrel on his Beretta CX4 9mm Rifle. It wasn't till later that day that we discovered that we needed a special barrel nut removal tool. Note - The barrel tool isn't sold commercially. We spent an hour discussing options and then...
  2. O

    beretta cx4 storm

    Anyone own a Beretta cx4 storm? worth it? Cabela's dealin again.
  3. cavscout1983

    Beretta CX4 Carbine?

    I've been considering getting one of these in 9mm for a while but have been hesitant due to not being able to find one local to fondle first. Have read a few reviews, but only found two reviews based on use rather than inspection. If you have experience with the carbine either in passing or...