1. RollingThunder51

    Photos How was your day dear?

    As Promised... Some tables just have more interesting things happen to them than others... I would have stuck these on the other gallery, but there is a seven (7) picture limit. On the last shot you can see a nickel sitting on the receiver to show the astonishing amount of work to reduce a...
  2. D

    Photos Dear god why?

    for targeting terrorists in Disney land
  3. Luvman

    Rifle Scopes Dear Premier Reticles....

    I'm anxiously awaiting my Heritage and starting to shop for optics for my AR carbine. I'm looking for something in mil/mil in the 1.something-6 x 20ish range. The only thing I've found that turns my crank is the US Optics 1.5-6, but that has me thinking "a 1.25-6 Heritage would be sweet." Have...