1. K

    Maggie’s Age and Education

    Just wondering about the average age and education level of the members here. I'm 67, high school with some college, no degree....
  2. M

    Remington 700 Education 2 - replacement bolts

    1. If a guy got any caliber SA could he get a .473 bolt face replacement bolt and be GTG? 2. From Pacific Tool and Gauge's web site <span style="font-style: italic">Most Remington Receiver sizes are .700 + .0015 ID. You can open the receiver up to a true .705 ID with the GTR Raceway Reamer...
  3. LibertyOptics

    Remy 700P education

    Hiders, When someone says that a PSS .308 has a "pre Xmark trigger" and "no J lock" what does this mean in practical shooter terms? Are these good things or not? Thanks for your help. Scott