1. Ben17

    Training Courses Iowa Basic Precision Rifle Course by BP Precision at Sureshot Range in Mt. Auburn IA

    BP Precision Basic long range precision rifle course at Sureshot in Mt Auburn, Iowa. This course is an entry level course where shooters will take themselves and their rifles to the next level. In this one-day course we will go over the fundamentals, rifle setup, how to setup and verify...
  2. ECHO4

    Rifle Scopes Okay for an entry level 10/22 Scope???

    http://www.primaryarms.com/product.sc?categoryId=2&productId=17 I was looking for an entry level side focus scope for less than $200 for my 10/22T. Seems that for the money, the spec aren't too bad (considering the price). If anyone has any insight, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
  3. JL

    FinnSniper 2009 Finland, entry open

    2007 Comp article: <span style="text-decoration: underline">http://www.pohta.fi/artikkelit/fs2007.pdf</span> G&A / Combat Arms article (Competition name was formerly Lapua Sniper) Magazine cover: http://img386.imageshack.us/img386/3194/dpgunsammocombatarmsnd6.jpg Story...