1. Mag 300

    explain Ladder test?

    First Yes did the search for ladder test best was the 300 wm with the 208 amax. what is the purpose of the test shooting one bullet? they will string all over . could you explaing the test and how they determine a good round? I am looking for test criteria maybe the ladder test is it ? Thanks Bill
  2. C

    Advanced Marksmanship Somebody Please Explain Math on 3.5 mils = 1 moa

    Greetings everyone, new member here. I'm not very internet savy, however I came across this website and see a wealth of knowledge exists here. I have a simple question: how is it determined that 3.5 moa exist between every mil in an M3A Leupold Scope? Every training environment and FM I have...
  3. wjwill

    Gunsmithing Gunsmiths, Explain Barrel Contours please.

    I have alway wondered about the different contours of barrels and thier general uses. Can some gunsmith's please chime and explain what is the benifits of having one contour over the other. I have a number 7 contour on the rifle I just had built, but not really sure what a number 7 contour means...
  4. shankster..

    Maggie’s How Would You Explain This To House Guests.

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  5. bohem

    Can someone explain something for me?

    What's the process for defining an Ogive curvature? Does anyone have a reference for actually doing the math to make something that is truly correct instead of just "looks about right" What does a "6 caliber ogive" vs. an "18 caliber ogive" mean and how can I calculate the shape of a bullet to...
  6. JC Steel

    Rifle Scopes Explain FFP to the Dumb

    OK, what is up with all the talk with First Focal Plane? I have saved up some money and am now ready to buy a scope but dont know what to get. Why is everyone getting FFP? I want to use my rangefinder for most of my shooting so does this play into it? Thanks for the advice. -Jake