1. C

    Range Report .308 FGM 168/175 Temperature Effect on MV

    Would anyone like to share their data on muzzle velocity variations for FGM 168/175 due to temp changes? My range time is very limited. I'd like to see what others are observing. For example, my R700 24" 5R with FGM 168 was produced a measured 2575 fps (10 ft from muzzle) at 80 F, station baro...
  2. dar1246

    Range Report FGM 168, BHs 168, Rem 168 match ammo

    What is the differnces in quaility in ammo? My gun shoots FGM 168 great. Cant find this nowhere. Would the Blacks Hill Gold or the Remmington Match 168 be about the same.
  3. mildot326

    FGM .223,69gr Serra Match King BTHP

    Well I'm sure this is more of a ballistics questions, as opposed to a hunting question. So on to the question. With a 20" Hvy contour barrel with a 1 in 8. What can I expect shooting this bullet weight? Now the rifle is being designed around a 300-600 "varmint" gun (ie) coyote.Would a 22" make...
  4. E

    308 Win FGM Question

    Recently purchased some once fired FGM brass. I noticed that there are silver and gold colored primers in the batch. I have never fired a factory Gold Medal and was wondering if they use plated and non plated primers or possibly both? It might just be different lots, I dont know