1. ceruleanblue

    Venture me a G7 or AB "like" Ballistic Coefficient for these bullets please?

    Friends, I e-mailed both factories (Fiocci and CBC) and the best I could get was a G1 coefficient for one of the bullets. Can you guys venture a G7 BC for each of the two bullets below? Even better would be a similar in the Applied Ballistics universe that I could select to use in building my...
  2. 45.308

    Winchester 7.62 Brass any Good/ Fiocci too?

    Found some Winchester 7.62 147gr for $10 per 20 and before I drop the coin, is the brass any good for reloading? I figure its thicker NATO brass and not a true 308? Looks like its annealed? I have 10 boxes on hold but I could get a lot more. Also found some Fiocci, poor spelling but its their...