1. Sendero_Man

    Hunting & Fishing Pics to get ya fired up on Predator season !!

    Add your pics on to this
  2. J

    1x fired .50 cal brass

    What is the going rate for .50 cal brass? The reason I ask is that I found someone that has been taking it to the recycler instead of reloading it... Thanks, Jack
  3. Joe-n-TX

    Once fired LC Split Necks 556

    Well, I was bored and wanted to do something gun related around the house. I knew I had about 300pc of spent LC 556 brass so I thought why not tumble them. The LC brass was from reloads that I purchased with a buddy for a carbine match so we wouldn't have to burn up our 31a and 193 good stuff...
  4. LoneWolfUSMC

    Going price for .308 FGMM once fired brass?

    What are you guys paying for once fired FGMM? We have a local guy who is wanting to trade stuff for our fired brass and I just want to make sure we aren't getting hosed. I use mostly new Winchester for my loads. I all the FGMM I get from schools and shoots, etc. So I have not had to pay for any.
  5. JGrelle

    Large Brass price increase for 1x fired USGI

    An unfortunate side effect recent DRMO/ Brass Shit Storm is a rather large increase in the price of once fired mil brass. It has gotten high enough to be in the same price range as new Win Brass or once fired match Brass. Went up aprox $30/Thou for 1x .308 since the recent DRMO/ Brass Shit...
  6. R

    D.O.D mutilation of once fired brass

    Hey guy's I just went to my usual website to pick up some .223 and this notice was on the opening page. What the Fuck. has anyone else heard about this. I hope this is the correct place to post this. Attention!! Due to new government regulations concerning the...
  7. wilsoncs3980

    Scharch Mfg Primed 1X fired military brass

    Anyone used any of this brass lately? I just ordered 1000 pcs of primed .223 for my new AR. Can't find brass or primers anywhere these days. I thought I'd give this stuff a try. I hear it isn't bad stuff.