flat trigger

  1. godofthunder

    Accessories $35 Tikka Flat Faced Trigger Shoe

    We have a bunch of these Tikka flat faced trigger shoes! These work with your factory Tikka single stage trigger pack. We have a number of these prototypes out in the wild that have thousands of rounds downrange with positive feedback! They're so awesome we're already being imitated! CNC...
  2. godofthunder

    Tikka Flat Trigger Shoe by Rusty Nuts Designs

    I'm excited to announce my first product off of my CNC machine, a Tikka Flat Faced trigger shoe! People that shoot Tikkas know that they already come with pretty darn good triggers. What if you want a flat shoe to go with your build though? You'll have to dish out a couple hundred bucks for...
  3. HairyDemon

    CMC Triggers.. 308AR?

    Did a search and couldn't really find anything about them. They seem to be mid-field priced drop in triggers. I was wondering if anyone had used them in an AR-10 setup. I have a new Sun devil (DPMS pattern) Receiver set I was thinking about using one on. Saw my local ffl had a few in-stock and...