1. H

    Gunsmithing Remington M40 mod for Winchester floor plate?

    Hello again all ... I'm just starting a Remington short action build in .223 and am pondering what I want to do for a mag system. What I don't want is the woeful Remington 700 alloy floor plate. There are a few DM systems availabe in .223 and one is being developed here in Australia, but I was...
  2. S

    Gunsmithing Floor Plate Question

    I am fixing to start my new build and have a question about the bottom metal. I am using a remington ADL rifle and am going to put the action into a LTR takeoff. My question is can I use the spring, follower, and magazine box from the ADL rifle? Can I just buy the floor plate or will I have to...
  3. G

    Maggie’s TV Sitcom Floor Plans

  4. C

    Gunsmithing Changing the floor metal for my Remington 700 P

    Anyone have input on changing out the stock aluminum trigger guard on my 700 P. I've been looking but I can't find any pros or cons for doing this. I do know if I do this I was going to use either a Badger Ordinance or D. D.Ross trigger guard with a hinged floor plate.
  5. He Shoot Me

    Hinged Floor Plate to Detachable Magazine

    My Buddy wants too convert his Remington 700 .308 with a hinged floor plate to a detachable magazine. (we couldn't find the SPS tactical anywhere) Somewhere in the back of my hollow head I thought someone said H & S Precision????? Has anyone tried them? Is there gunsmithing involved? How...
  6. GasLight

    Gunsmithing Shop Advice - Floor and weight distribution

    Ok, I have a small building roughly 10x20. It has a concrete floor, so I was thinking I would make this into a small machine shop. Well after some discussion, it came to my attention that the floor may not be able to support the weight of a lathe and or mill. So, I took a look this weekend...