1. shooter65

    TR floorplate

  2. Cartman

    CDNN SPR Action - DBM or floorplate?

    May or may not eventually add CDI bottom metal. Will be going on McMillan stock. Any considerations why you may or may not want to go one way or the other?
  3. Travis S

    Gunsmithing Aftermarket floorplate....

    For the FN SPR 308 mags? Any body know of one that'll increase the round count? Maybe someone who can make some? Great mags but it seems a waste with just 4 rds for reloads. Gotta be someone out there who can undertake it.
  4. btc624

    Gunsmithing 700 bdl floorplate

    can anyone tell me if there is a broken tab on this floorplate where my finger is pointing? my magazinge spring that is attached to the follower in my 700 bdl wont stay put, never noticed if there was a piece that went across the floorplate to secure the magazine spring or not?