1. 3

    Pelican style case help!

    I hope that this is in the right section! I have a case similar to a pelican case that has 2 layers of flat foam in it. I was wondering what the ideal way to cut the foam to the shape of the rifle would be? Should I just give it a whirl with the exacto knife or what?
  2. Sgposin

    Kaizen Foam

    Has anyone used this stuff? Looks very easy to work with from the videos. Just wondering how clean the finished product looks. Any other foams you would recomend? Looking to get case and foam package together. Dont want to have to cut to case size if don't have to. Storm iM3300 Rifle...
  3. O

    How to Configure Your Pelican Case (Pics and videos!)

    [updated 3/15/2013] Hello everyone! Decided to provide some video links I found online for setting up a Pelican Case. Just a few notes I took from these videos Materials needed: -Pelican Case -Black or silver Sharpie/Marker or chalk (chalk is sounds better than permanent) -Electric knife...
  4. J

    Source for dense foam?

    Sirs I want to repalce the foam in a couple of rifle cases with a customr cut (I'll cut) denser foam. Any recommendations on sources?? thanks