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  1. abn_surfer

    SOLD GAP Tempest 6.5 CM in Grayboe Ridgeback Stock with NF NX8 4-32 Mil-C

    For sale is a “turnkey” precision rifle that will is ready to ship. GA Precision’ Tempest Action is beautiful silky-smooth action that I consider an Accuracy International in a R700 footprint. The action provides: a 3-lug bolt for solid lock up. The bolt itself provides an M16 style extractor...
  2. abn_surfer

    GAP Tempest Pre-Fit Barrels?

    I am lookin for a suggestions on GAP Tempest pre-fit barrels, any and all suggestions on where to buy? Thanks Y'all
  3. C

    Accessories **SOLD** Rem700SA MPA chassis

    I’m selling my MPA BA competition chassis. Fits Rem700SA RH and clones. I’m missing one set screw for the cheek riser but other than that, the chassis is in perfect condition. Asking $800 shipped to your door.
  4. lethalsquirts

    Firearms WTS: GAP Hospitaller 6.5 Creedmoor

    Selling my GA Precision Hospitaller. 26" threaded & fluted barlein, 1:8.2 twist, GAP# 7 Contour chambered in 6.5 creed. Templar SA V2 Fluted Bolt Timney 2.5# Trigger Maners MCS T4-A (1 stud, 4 flush cups) Badger M5 DBM One five round mag included. Round count 2100 rounds Scope, bipod, muzzle...
  5. J

    GA Precision .260 "Moon" Custom

    Selling my custom GA Precision .260 thats was built by Tim Roberts in 2010 Gun is 20" Bartline 1:8.5 # 7 Contour that is machined for the OPS .30 Suppressor (That I have available for NFA Transfer if wanted). Options: Surgeon 591 Short Action Jewel Trigger Badger Detachable Box Magazine (5...
  6. Rat-30

    GAPrecision Gas Guns - Pics Needed

    Post pics of your GAP AR-10/DPMS semi-autos - I have one on order, and need some GAP Porn to tide me over during the wait... My order: DPMS 18-inch barrel Smith Vortex Daniel Defense forearm Magpul PRS stock Planning to use it primarily on pig hunts at night with NVD, want something...