1. P

    Firearms Geissele Uppers

    Hey lads, I have 3 Geissele upper receivers I am trying to clear to make some room in the safe. 1. Geissele upper (black) w/ 15" Mk16 rail (gray) and 16" Geissele BLEM barrel (SOLD) 2. Geissele upper (ddc) w/ 9.3" Mk8 rail (black) and 10.3" DD barrel (SOLD) 3. Geissele upper (black) w/ 10"...
  2. grassy knoll

    SOLD Geissele Super 42 Buffer Spring and H3 Buffer

    Geissele Super 42 with H3 Buffer. I used this once. Only fired a few rounds while trying to figure out the right buffer weight. Still like new. $70 shipped.
  3. grassy knoll

    SOLD Geissele Super 42 H3 Buffer

    Geissele Super 42 with H3 Buffer. Used it once while I was testing to figure out the right buffer weight to use. Pretty much unused. $70 shipped.
  4. O

    SOLD geissele mk16 13.5 in black

    I bought a geissele nsn mk16 13.5 in black a few months ago, mounted and then decided to get an odg one so selling this one. It has a few dings from mounting but overall very good condition. Comes with the rail and all mounting hardware as well as the geissele box. $250 paypal shipped.
  5. O

    SOLD Geissele URGI 13" MK16

    Looking to trade my excellent condition Geissele URGI 13" MK16 rail in black for one in odg or ddc. I will add the extra 50 bucks for it. Just the rail only no mounting hardware since this is a take off. This is the mk16 that works with any ar15 receiver NOT the geissele notched one.
  6. O

    SOLD DDM4a1 Upper W/ URGI

    I have an unfired ddm4a1 upper. It came with the ris ii and I had adco switch it out for the geissele urgi nsn marked rail then had a dead air keymo flash hider pinned for 16 oal. It is unfired and only about 6 month old. Comes with the unfired daniel defense bcg and daniel defense grip n rip...
  7. epmonies

    SOLD SOLD: HK MR762 Geissele Trigger

    $OLD PP F&F, Venmo, or Zelle.
  8. O

    Firearms BCM URGI 14.5 UPPER

    Excellent condition, unfired bcm complete upper. It started out with the bfh 14.5 with mcmr rail straight from bcm, then it was sent to adco for the rail to be swapped to the geissele urgi rail, bcm gas block pinned and bcm comp mod 1 pinned. It is unfired other than the test shots from the bcm...
  9. O

    SOLD Geissele MK16 DDC 13.5 rail

    I have a like new geissele mk16 DDC 13. 5 rail. It's a blemula straight from geissele. I cant find what the blem is but I ended up getting the od green mk16 so selling this one. Its only 2 weeks old. $240 paypal shipped.
  10. O

    Gunsmithing Geissele rail clearance

    I got a geissele mk16 urgi rail for my bcm upper. Does anyone know if the clearance is enough with the bcm gas block? I know there are issues with the ddmk12 and other bigger gas blocks.
  11. O

    Firearms WTB: URGI near clone

    I am looking for a geissele urgi near clone upper 144.5 from geissele. The one with the dd barrel and all factory from geissele. Will pay 1300 for the upper if in excellent condition.
  12. O

    SOLD Geissele DDC 30mm mount

    Like new Geissele DDC 30mm mount. 225 paypal shipped
  13. O

    SOLD Sold

  14. aroddc3

    Accessories Geissele Hi Speed National Match Trigger (used) $225 SHIPPED

    $225 shipped. Great trigger, great price. Even comes with some Geiselle swag it came with. PayPal F&F.
  15. O

    SOLD Geissele SSA

    Like new Geissele SSA. It is less than 6 months old and will come with all the original stuff including box $180 paypal shipped

    SOLD SOLD - Geissele Super 3 Gun Trigger

    Sold Geissele Super 3 Gun Trigger up for grabs. Comes with what you see. Used for less than 200 rounds. Asking $200 shipped to your door. Post here and PM if you want it.
  17. J

    Geissele Gas Gun Challenge (Eastern Pennsylvania) 2021 Match Schedule

    Geissele Gas Gun Challenge series is entering its fifth year in 2021. Last year we had Geissele and Kestrel as sponsors. This year there are currently 7 matches. First match in April is Pro/AM and does not count toward the season standing. All matches will be held at New Holland Rifle and...
  18. T

    SOLD WTS: Geissele Super 700 Trigger

    Selling a brand new Geissele Super 700 Trigger Asking $235.00 I can take Venmo or PayPal
  19. grassy knoll

    SOLD Geissele 16” Super Duty Rifle DDC

    I’ve had it about a month. Never shot it. Same as when I got it. $1625 shipped. No trades.
  20. L

    Optics Like New Nightforce SHV FFP 4-14 FOR SELL

    Like New Nightforce SHV 4-14 FFP the reticle is as below in the pic. For the scope Im asking 800 for that can be negotiable and for the scope mount im asking for 150. Feel free to contact me as Thank you guys!