1. grassy knoll

    SOLD LWRC Lower with Geissele Trigger

    LWRC Patriot Brown Lower Receiver with Geissele SSA Trigger. It also comes with a PWS Ratchet end plate and castle nut as well as a Radian Weapons Talon Ambi Safety and BCM Gunfighter Stock. H2 buffer. Its been sitting in my closet for awhile. I can’t remember if I have ever actually used this...
  2. Novak77

    Firearms WTB KAC SR-30 lower and SR-15 upper

    Looking for a KAC SR-30 lower and a SR-15 upper. Don't really care what mod upper, just looking for a barrel length of 14.5-18" and a URX 3.1 rail. I work part time at a mom and pop LGS and the lowers are a PITA right now, but I can get an upper at dealer cost, I just don't really want an M-Lok...
  3. A

    Accessories WTB: Quality 34mm scope mount

    Greetings all. As the title notes, I'm looking for two a 34mm one-piece scope mounts. One will be for a S&B 3-20 on a SCAR 20 and the other is for a Vortex 1-10 LVPO on an AR. I'm assuming that the SCAR 20 scope will be 0MOA or 20MOA and the AR scope will be cantilevered 0MOA. QD is preferred...
  4. J

    Geissele Gas Gun Challenge (Eastern Pennsylvania) 2020 Match Schedule

    Geissele Gas Gun Challenge series is entering its fourth year in 2020. This year there are currently 5 scheduled matches and a finale. Match 1 through 5 this year will be held at New Holland Rifle and Pistol Club in Gap, PA, while the finale will be held at Miffilin County Sportsman...
  5. MangoSherpa

    Accessories WTS - NIB Geissele SSA-E PRICE DROP

    I have a brand new Geissele SSA-E trigger that is still in the packaging just trying to liquidate some of my spare parts because my wife doesn't like finding spare parts all over the house I need to fund other builds. Selling to the lower 48 for $180 shipped Paypal F&F or G&S, buyers choice...

    Optics SOLD - Nightforce NX8 1-8x24mm Scope w/ Geissele Super Precision Mount

    SOLD Up for grabs. In like new condition, this optic was mounted in the Geissele mount and never actually used. Comes with original box, scope covers, manual, and the Geissele 05-381 30mm, 1-piece mount. Flawless condition. Nightforce NX8 1-8x24mm F1 - ZeroStop - .2mrad Capped Windage PTL...
  7. M

    SPF: TriggerTech AR15 Adaptable triggers

    I got a little carried away on Black Friday with some purchases. I've got two extra Triggertech triggers I don't have a use for at the moment. These are the Adaptable version which can be adjusted between 2-5lb. They are both the same. SPF- xxx each shipped USPS Priority Small Flat Rate...
  8. wrecklessranch

    How to determine the value of an AR... LMT Defender 2000

    What are AR's going for these days? I have an LMT Defender 2000 5.56 with less than 200 round through it and an upgraded Geissele trigger. I never use it and I have some other builds in mind that I'd like to move forward on. I think it's too nice of an AR for a bolt gun girl to keep around...
  9. C

    DPMS 308 24" BB which Geissele Trigger?

    I have been reading, researching and I do not know which Geissele Trigger to buy for my DPMS 308 24" I have only shoot this gun up to 100 yards....and it is real good .75 to .50 MOA all day long eventually i want to get into longer ranges up to 800 yards.... but i want a new trigger...
  10. B

    Geissele Hi-Speed Match trigger - Anyone use one?

    I just received and installed a Hi-Speed Match trigger into my .260 Maten tonight. I'm starting to think that I went too light. I was under the impression that all the Hi-Speed triggers came with all three springs to run either the Match, Service or DMR pulls. I bought my trigger from Brownells...
  11. M

    AR15 Geissele Trigger vs. CLE

    Hi Guys: I tried the search engine, but could not find an answer. I am currently deciding between a Geissele match trigger or the match trigger offered by Compass Lake. Does anyone have experience with both of these triggers? Which one is better? I will be shooting alot of benchrest, but...
  12. jayjaytuner

    Geissele Trigger

    just ordered a DMR trigger for my ar15., anyone have one, i heard there the shit. can't wait to get it, are these gtg the way they come shipped or how do u set them up? are they pre-set to a certin pull weight? lastely do they drop right in?
  13. ranger1183

    DSA Lower w/ Geissele Match Trigger?

    Need some advice. What is the current value of a used but in good condition DSA lower with the M4 6 position stock and a Geissele Match Trigger installed? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The Geissele Match Trigger Pull Weights: First...