gen 3

  1. The4GunGuy

    Accessories APA Fat Bastard Gen 3 SS - price reduced

    Gen 3 Stainless with all hardware. 5/8 threads, 6.5mm. ~300 rounds through it. $165 shipped.
  2. B

    Night Vision Pulsar Phantom Gen 3 Riflescope - First Look / Field Review

    Written review is below the video, for those who are opposed to reading Pulsar Phantom 4x60 Gen 3 Riflescope - First Look Review - YouTube Pulsar Phantom Gen 3 Riflescope (PL76076T) Date: May 5, 2013 Location: Bexar and Stephens Co TX Objective: The objective of our first look...
  3. F

    Rifle Scopes Scope Repair

    Does anyone know of a reputable person or shop that can do an adjustment on the internal level of a Gen 3 Springfield Scope?