1. Y

    Firearms GAP GLADIUS 700.**SOLD**.

    Selling for a fiend. I am in possession of the rifle and will vouch for its quality. He is that friend that buys nice things and does not use them. Purchased in 2015ish. Gladius on 700 action built to spec. 308. Does have a surefire Socom muzzle brake rather than the old style. I zeroed the...
  2. lowlight

    Silly with the Offhand ... I can't lift a .50cal

    I can't hold a .50 cal up, so I have to use a little gun at closer ranges... <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  3. J

    Sniper's Hide "Gladius" Limited Edition M2009

    What are the chances of a Gladius build for 2009/2010 ?
  4. lowlight

    Gladius Update, 1000 yards Report

    I know people have asked me in the past what the result were of shooting my Gladius out to 1000 yards, and before today I only had information to 900 odd yards, and those shots were at 6000ft above sea level. Well today I had the opportunity to try the rifle at 1000 yards here at Rifles Only...