1. H

    Hunting & Fishing Before and after wild hogs vs 308 168 amax Graphic

    Caught these little buggers thisI evening. They came in about 10 minutes before dark. They were still in the brush a little bit when the first one offered me a headshot. Range was about 100 yards, instead of running off the remaining three just took a few steps, so i just kept shooting. The...
  2. jhedg

    Hunting & Fishing Groundhoggin GRAPHIC :)

    Finally done/w some out of state training for work, and got to do some groundhog hunting, here is one of the six I killed, shots were 335yds,356yds,326yds,525yds,414yds, and my farthest was 606yds, here are a few pic's of the area, and one of the dead hogs [/URL][/img] [/URL][/img]...
  3. glock10mmman

    Hunting & Fishing PD hunt. 760 yard confirmed shot **GRAPHIC picts**

    Had a hellova time last weekend on a dog hunt in western Kansas. 3 of us reaked havock for 2 days on a monster of a dog town. I pulled off an incredible shot folks. 760 yards, 223 w/ 50 grain V-max. Had a 10-15 MPH right to left wind. I had my 64 minutes of angle on my scope pegged out and was...