1. J

    Ruger 10/22 or GSG-5

    So i am real close into buying a rimfire gun and am thinking about the Ruger 10/22 or the GSG-5. I am trying to justify if it is worth $200 more dollars to buy a GSG-5 or the 10/22. Which is more accurate? The gun is going to be used for 100 yards max mostly.
  2. silverphoenix

    GSG-5 PK--just got it back from the shop-complete!

    Just got this back from having a swivel stud installed on the end cap--installed a tree-riser rail with claw mount along with a BSA red dot scope. The rail is nice because I can still use my iron sites since it's see-through. Also got a new case for it because the old one no longer fit. Last...
  3. Sgt. 0811

    Who's got a GSG-5?

    I may have an opportunity to pick one up, are they any good? If you have one let's hear some pros and cons