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  1. AlterEgo

    Rifle Scopes Optics Binding --> Lapping Rings

    Gents, I've got a scope in a set of good quality scope rings, on a good mount. Had some issues at the range today that would suggest that the scope was bound and/or that the mount was in a tweak. Basically the rifle patterned like a shotgun (this rifle doesn't even do that with irons), and...
  2. K

    Rifle Scopes USO > Simmons > rock (USO torture test)

    You always hear people say "I could hammer nails with my USO", but the reality seems to be that all optics are a little tougher than we think. Well, this one goes out to all the people too afraid to hit a new USO on a phonebook to knock a little dust off their reticle. (Brought to you by...
  3. SAS_Sniper


    Hi guys! nobody has video or movie maker of his rifle?? i think that could to be a nice idea post our video... maybe posting a link from youtube! this is the mine...with an unforgivable themesong!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7fPcwKl6Hk
  4. OUVarmintHunter

    Suppressors .40 --> .357 Sig conversion barrels

    Anyone had and experience with these? Thinking about getting a conversion barrel to turn a .40 Browning High Power into a .357 Sig Browning High Power. Thanks in advance.
  5. D

    Range Report 6.5 Bullets at > 3100f/s?

    Good day, Anyone play with the 6.5 caliber 123gr. weight bullets at velocities over 3100f/s? Looking at some QL results, and can get to 3300f/s without too much effort. Just wondering if they made it to 100 and if they held together to 1k. Thanks, DocB
  6. kombayotch

    Reloader-17 updates? (MORE RESULTS! > 308 Win.)

    Haven't heard any updates about this powder in a while and was wondering if anyone has tried it in 308 Win. I've been running numbers in QL with the latest version of the powder file. RL-17 is topping the list in velocity VERY often for the 308. Even with 155 Scenars... Should have ordered...