1. S

    Favorite 168 ELDM + H4895 / Varget loads for 308 Win

    I just got some 168 ELDM's and am hoping for some tips for what is working for others with this bullet. I've seen a number of posts that say H4895 works great but few specifics outside of a 44gr recommendation which is a bit higher than I want to go. I'm going to do a ladder regardless but am...
  2. L

    SOLD Varget, H4895, RL26 & RL16

    Varget 8lb - $450 H4895 8lb - $450 RL16 8lb - $400 RL26 8lb - $425 I’m located in Oklahoma City. I’ll be traveling to Dallas tomorrow and will be there until Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, I cannot ship this powder, so it will need to be a face-to-face transaction. Cash only. No trades.
  3. N

    H4895 vs. Re-15

    When would one typically choose one over the other in a .223 AR-15? Is there much difference in temp. sensitivity?
  4. BeerAlchemist

    .223 with H4895

    Another newb question that my forum search did not answer... I got some H4895, Winchester small rifle primers, Hornady 55gr FMJ BT, and a metric ass load of LC brass ready to go...finally. So, how should I proceed. So far the best figure I can find was from Hogden saying to start with 25gr on...
  5. R

    H4895 in stock

    Hide Brothers, Third Generation Shooting Supply has 1lb. cans in stock as of 30 mins ago. If you order online the shipping is $4.95 flat rate fee and no haz mat fee. Good Hunting bros!!!
  6. T

    Anyone Know where to find Hogdon H4895???????????

    I am looking for 1lb or 8lb bottles of Hogdon H4895, I haven't been able to find any for awhile. Also has anyone ever used Hogdon BLC-2 for loading 308 for accuracy? If so what was your experenice and loads, I will be loading SMK 168, and SMK 175's. Thanks for all the help and heads up. PS am...
  7. C

    H4895 source?

    Looking for 8 lbs... any ideas?
  8. T

    Hogdon H4895 rifle Powder

    I am trying to find Hogdon H4895 rifle powder for my 308's in the 8lb keg, any heads ups on where would be appreciated thanks.