1. lordt313

    Range Report Interesting event happened yesterday, advice?

    I was shooting yesterday at the range at 200yds, I began with shooting my 175SMK handloads and everything was good, then I tried some of my 178AMAX loads and they were hitting 4 inches right on the target!!! I corrected my windage to get on target and then everything was fine, I went from 200...
  2. F

    Gunsmithing what happened to hd rifles?

    just got a gun built by hd rifles and was wondering what happened to them. theres no website anymore, and i know they were pretty popular.
  3. D

    What happened to the equipment forum?

    The equipment discussion forum (formerly the first forum listed) seems to have disappeared. Is this a temporary glitch? Or is it to be split into multiple different forums? Or am I hallucinating?
  4. N

    What happened to all the LR Magnum Primers

    Well, it appears the LR Mag primers are now in the same category as 8Lb bottles of Varget and Wolf any size primers. Anybody have any sources that will ship sure appreciate it.
  5. D

    Short supply of fn spr? What has happened to them

    Cant seem to find the spr version that was a dime a dozen. What the hell is going on here?
  6. desertrat1979

    what happened to the 30-06????

    Where did all the load data go for the 30-06? I was lookin at it a few days ago, now its gone.