1. velayo_0317

    This is NOT Carlos Hathcock!

    Let's set the record straight and give credit where credit is due.
  2. Blueoval56

    Hathcock Model 70 Project

    I've always wanted to build a copy/ close replica of Carlos Hathcock's Model 70 and about a month ago this rifle sort of fell into my lap! As it stands right now it's definitely not a replica by any means but I couldn't pass it up and I figured it would be a great way to kick my but into gear...
  3. Beyschaefer

    Value of Hathcock Autographed "White Feather" book by Chandler?

    This is NOT an offer to sell this book! Any offer will be politely declined. I've been wondering for a while what value this book might have (should I have it on my shelf, or in my safe?). It's a first edition, HAND autographed by Carlos Hathcock on a book plate in addition to the...
  4. Surgeon_Shooter

    carlos hathcock custom rifle

    there is a custom surgeon rifle with a uso on it and both are marked carlos hathcock.its on gun broker and its freakin beautiful! its under surgeon. someone please buy it before i sell my truck or house!
  5. H

    HD Rifles Carlos Hathcock commemorative rifle

    I am having a ton of trouble finding much info on these rifles. There was a limited run made by HD Rifles around 2006. They were Surgeon actions in adj McMillan A5's with Lothar Walther 24" barrels chambered in 308. They had a special CH edition USO TPal in TPS rings. I am trying to figure...
  6. lockedandloaded

    Maggie’s Memories of Carlos Hathcock

    If anyone has personal memories of GSGT Carlos Hathcock, feel free to post them in here. I met Gunny back on July 19th, 1992 at the Ohio Gun Collectors Association gunshow in Cleveland. I had just found and purchased an ART-IV sniper scope green fiberglass carry case from a dealer. He mentioned...