1. B

    hey guys, this is messed up

    sorry if this post is in the wrong spot, im so disgusted im flustered too. So some of u might remember me by helping me decide on the perfect rifle for my coyote hunting addiction, i got it on here and it was a very nice 22 250, so did alot of work to it to personalize it for what i was doing...
  2. USSR

    Hey Scott - Where's the thread for the 8/01 Shoot?

    No text.
  3. RollingThunder51

    Photos Say Hey Cobray

    Dug out an old RPB piece, these quarter folding throwing knives would pack down from an 8"X8" throwing knife to a relatively small 1.5"x6" pocket piece. These were never too common, having first been designed in the late '70s at Powder Springs, I rarely see them now. After the auction, RPB ran...
  4. X

    Gunsmithing Hey all, 6.5 / 270 Bolt

    I have a .270 and am curious if that bolt face will work with a 6.5 284. I know, I know it may be dumb, but had to ask just in case. Its a 98 Mauser if it matters. I know many Rem .308 and 30.06 bolts work on a number of other calibers. Pardon the stupid question. Thanks
  5. C

    Fieldcraft hey guys, websites to buy gear.

    hey guys, i'm intrested in buying stuff to make a ghillie and i am curious about sime sites i could look at to get a list of stuff what i need to buy with prices and stuff like that anything is good, if you could also link me the site. thank you