1. Kenco Arms

    Suppressors Yankee Hill Machine QD suppressors

    I spoke with sale today (placing an order) the QD flash hiders have been said by ATF to be part of the suppressor so as of right now extra QDs are on hold and you can get one with the can you buy. this also includs the M2 cobra. They are taking orders but you will have to wait for this to get...
  2. P

    Gunsmithing PTG Steel Bottm Metal & Sunny Hill etc. Why 3x$$

    Hi Folks for a build a I have planned my smith has reccomended PTG (pacific tool & gauge)bottom metal, I know Sunny Hill also makes arguably some of the best bottom metal in the business. Is the PTG metal up to it or is there something I will get with the Sunny Hill product that will make it...
  3. Opiy

    Suppressors Yankee Hill Phantom 7.62 QD opinions?

    What seems the be the opinion of this suppressor? Is it good, outstanding, or sucks? How does it compare to an AAC? I just found out a local guy has one for 7.62 ( no idea of price) so I am trying to find out of it is a good one or not.
  4. Blackhawk95

    Suppressors question about a Yankee Hill supressor

    A buddy of mind has got an order in for a Yankee Hill 7.62mm supressor and they offer 2 different mounting systems a quick detach and thread on. My question is, is there any difference in accuracy between the quick detach and the thread-on? Thanks for the help.