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    308 rifle options

    I am in the market for a higher end gas 308. I will be shooting suppressed more often than not, so I want to keep my barrel length short, probably 16". I have been looking hard at the GAP10 and others such as LWRC, Larue, Hogan, and SCAR. Accuracy is my main objective but also want the rifle...
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    Range Report AR-10 opinions

    I am in the market for a higher end AR-10 and would like to here some suggestions. My main focus is on accuracy and I will also be shooting suppressed more times than not. Since I will be shooting suppressed I want to stay below 20" barrel length. I have looked hard at the GAP-10 and is where I...
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    Finding POF stripped lower - CT resident

    Hi all, While I have faith that the full extent of the proposed law changes and ban addition in my state of Connecticut will be largely overturned once the topic reaches supreme court decision level, based on previous history, I have no illusions that this will take a long time. With Biden...