Finding POF stripped lower - CT resident


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Mar 12, 2013
Hi all,

While I have faith that the full extent of the proposed law changes and ban addition in my state of Connecticut will be largely overturned once the topic reaches supreme court decision level, based on previous history, I have no illusions that this will take a long time. With Biden having visited here and pushed our Gov Malloy (another jackass) to pressure the passing of the law I know it is just a matter of time before the word comes down on general AR style rifles here.

What I need help with is finding a stripped (or complete for good price) lower from POF which I can get my name on ASAP. I am going to slap down the order (finally done with divorce and didn't lose any cash! HA!) for the Gap-10 build I have been wanting. With nearly a 10 month wait at GA Precision, that means by the time I have a lower in hand with a serial number it may not be legal for me to own it once it gets to my local FFL shop.

I'd love to find something within driving distance (northeast) to go do the paperwork if possible. But my brief search through a number of vendor sites and forums has yielded nada.

If you can point me towards a lower, I'd truly appreciate it.

I have yet to determine optic of preference. Have always trusted Leupold. But this project will end up as a .308, 22" barrel, with adj switchblock, mb/supp. Going to see how I do extending my range with a semi like this. Will definitely be fun!


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Nov 12, 2005
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If you want it NOW (or at least in the next couple weeks or so), you are at the mercy of the market on sites such as GunBroker, Armslist, BARFCOM, etc. for a POF P-308 lower (or a Hogan H-308 lower).

There have been some come up for sale here on the Hide in the last month or so (a Hogan lower that I seem to recall) for a reasonable price (~$400 or so), but that is the exception to the rule. Most of the time, you'll see them running upwards of ~$700 or more for a stripped lower (with the ambi-controls incl). At this point, you may just be better off in terms of value for the money buying a complete 20" P-308 for <$3k and then you can build an additional upper as time (and parts...and reasonable prices) permit. Again, however, I don't know of ANY of my usual POF sources with reasonably priced complete rifles available at this time. You can check with Frankie Ice (a Hide member who regularly sells POF) if he is still doing business (had some medical issues last year that sidelined him for a while). His e-mail is: [email protected] (don't forget to remove REMOVE from the e-mail). ;)


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Mar 16, 2012
Biden didn't come here to put pressure on Malloy, Malloy has always been anti-gun. Like all of them they sit and wait for the right moment to push their agenda.

If I were you I would keep my eyes and ears peeled on every site, shop, and ect for a lower. But as said above you might be better off right now buying a complete rifle and then having another upper built for it down the road.

Honestly unless you absolutely need it now, hangtight. Your going to pay right now for whatever you find unless your one of those few guys I just hate and every pile of crap you step in turns to gold!


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Jul 9, 2001
You can't put a suppressor on a semi auto in the state. It's considered a flash suppressor and makes it illegal now with our AWB.