1. T

    Suppressors Milt sparks holsters in stock at topgunsupply.com

    Just thought I'd give everyone a heads up here that topgunsupply has several models of the milt sparks VM2 holsters in stock right now. Normally they have a 6+ month wait and they end up going for $200-250 on ebay. I'm not affiliated with them at all just passing it along. I ordered a 5" vm2...
  2. D

    Suppressors Thigh holsters

    I've wanted to buy a thigh holster for a while. I think it'd be useful on range days when I'm in and out of the truck and generally more comfortable. All the ones I've seen are ridiculously expensive, or cheap pieces of crap. Is there a decent rig that has perhaps a kydex holster built into...
  3. Slickrick0999

    Suppressors which Tactical Holsters and Why?

    Tactical Holsters? Looking for a thigh rig set up. Let me know what you are carring and what you carry it in. I can go with Glock 19 or Colt Commander. Thanks for the input.
  4. ArcticLight

    Suppressors R-tac holsters?

    Did I misspell it? Guy at work asked about R-Tac holsters, never heard of em.. GOt pics?