1. mark5pt56

    Gunsmithing Hooper Ordnance bolt mod

    I sent it off to Hooper Ordnance for the 700 bolt mod, which included the Badger knob and three machine screws through the handle to the bolt body. Got it back and it looks great! It's a new 700P, haven't shot it yet, will be tomorrow though. So far I've added the mod to the bolt, Seekins...
  2. glock10mmman

    Hooper LE Supply is the man......Got my LTR back

    Yepper. Finally got the LTR back yesterday evening. I dont have a scope, or rings yet to throw on it, so I havent got to shoot it yet. Got the following done: Badger Tactical Bolt Knob Badger Thruster break Bedded action I need to paint the break, but man this thing is sweet. Hooper does...