hunting or tactical

  1. thedarkknight

    New tech and advancements are here. Whats the new best AR15 cartridge?

    We all have 223/5.56 and it's been around long enough. Even the military wants a new cartridge. There have been many advances and discoveries is tech, powders, aerodynamics, etc. If cost and availability were not an issue, what do you think should be the next cartridge standardized for the...
  2. J

    Long range hunting advice

    I’m new to long range hunting, and I’m wanting to get into a new rifle for a elk hunt next year. I live in Texas and hunt primarily white tail deer, hogs, coyotes but I’m going elk hunting next year. So I want a rifle that would be good for taking big game at long ranges and also be a good deer...
  3. H

    best all around bi-pod for hunting/tactical rifle

    What length / model should I consider. 6-9"? 9-12"? other? Harris 1a2 ultralight?