1. N

    Rifle Scopes Help identify this scope

    Fellas, In my M40 build project, Im looking for a Redfield 3x9 Accurange scope. In my search for that scope, I came across this Redfield. I dont think its the one used on M40s, but the reticle looks correct. What model is this scope, and how close is it to one used on an M40? What value...
  2. S

    Please identify Parker Hale Model

    My highest praise for all service personnel past and present on this Memorial weekend - Thank You. Any Parker Hale experts out there? I cannot find any information on the web about model numbers for Parker Hales. There was a similar one on gun broker that was supposedly a model 82, but...
  3. dtask

    Can somebody identify this upper???

    I have a gentleman interested in a trade and he has sent me pictures of this rifle and mentioned that it 1/2 Bushmaster and the other half " a custom upper that cost him around $1200.00". Anyone seen this upper before and know what it's worth and/or if it's any good? Thanks in advance for your help!