1. A

    Rifle Scopes Opinions on Leupold VX III 1.5-5 Illum Circle dot

    I was considering getting MK4 MR/T until I found out about the VXIII 1.5-5. How good is this scope in general? I am planning on using it on an AR for close to mid range. Is the circle dot reticle good for this purpose? Thanks
  2. M

    Rifle Scopes Anyone using Luep Mk4 1.5-5x20 Illum?

    Looking for a good midrange optic for a M1A style rifle (LRB M25 18.5") will be used mostly for boar hunting. How would the 1.5-5x20 work also they only warranty the illumination for 1 year, how do they stand up, any failures? Merlinn
  3. GlockandRoll

    Rifle Scopes Mark 4 LR/T 3.5-10x40mm Illum. Reticle; #: 53672

    Will this be a good choice for $900 shipped, to use with my 16" RECCE carbine with a White Oak Armory Stainless match 1/7 bbl, mid-lenth daniel defense quad rails and Midwest Industries flip up rail mounted front sight and MaTech 600 meter auto range adjusting rear flip up BUIS. I'm going to...
  4. USMCj

    Rifle Scopes Millett LRS/TRS goes Mil/Mil, LRS gets Illum Ret!!

    It looks like the folks at Millett have been paying attention, 3 new models in the LRS line of scopes (moa/illum, mil/mil, and mil/mil illum) and also a mil/mil TRS in the works. Link to LRS Link to TRS...