1. C

    Best scope for clarity

    Hi all, I have just acquired my rifle license in the UK and am looking to start off right and buy one of the absolute best optics I can buy. I would say I'd be 50/50 hunting deer and vermin or target shooting. What I'm looking for is scopes with the absolute best clarity. I was thinking a...
  2. Dr. Davy Jones

    Optics FOUND: SWFA 5-20 illuminated

    Hi Gents, Looking for a SWFA 5-20 HD with illumination in good condition. Let me know if you’ve got one to sell.
  3. M

    Rifle Scopes USO illumination?

    I have heard it isn't very good in thier scopes. I have used the IORs with illumination. How do the 2 compare?
  4. V

    Rifle Scopes New KAPS 2.5-10 FFP BDC with Digital Illumination

    Hey Guys, the new KAPS 2.5-10 x 50 ffp tactical just kicks ass...New exposed knobs, digital illumination, .308 cam out to 600mm with the knob and 1000m with the sniper reticule. So far about 650 rounds and not a hitch. Shot it side by side in WY with the new Ellis and to say it blew it out of...