1. J

    Hunting & Fishing Groundhog vs 338 LM Imp

    I was really curious to see what a 300 gr Match King would do to a groundhog at extended ranges and I got to find out last weekend fireforming some brass. This one was shot at 574 yd and needless to say I was pretty impressed. Entrance was dead center of left shoulder and exit was about 5" in...
  2. T

    Gunsmithing 22-250 Ackley imp

    Looking for a reamer and head space gauges to beg, borrow, rent, or buy. Much thanks for any help.
  3. GasLight

    Thoughts on Barrel length for the 7mm-08 imp.

    Wondering if anyone is playing around with the 7mm-08 improved, and what barrel lengths are ideal. I just got in 3 26" barrels, and am wanting to cut them down, but not sure what is acceptable on the lower end... Dave
  4. CowboyBart

    Need 30-06 Ack Imp data

    Looking for some load data for a 30-06 AI using 180gr bullets. I will be using Speer 180 RN and Sierra 180 Spitzer flat based bullets. I have both commercial and military brass. I have AA2520, IMR 4320, IMR 4350, RL-19, IMR 4831 and H-870 powders on the shelf. Any data would sure be helpful...
  5. jhedg

    Ackley Imp

    New to the AI shooting, just getting some fire forming done, one of my questions is do you guys who shoot the AI get better accuracy after your brass is formed? right now I am getting around .4 moa@100yds for 5 shots. just curious. also what are some diffrent ways you guys FF your brass, thanks...
  6. AKA-Spook

    Any '06 Ackley Imp shooters on the board?

    I have an extra Rock Creek barrel and dont want another 300 wsm. Curious about performance with 175's and 190's.
  7. T

    Data for ALL Cals Ackley Imp

    For<span style="font-weight: bold"> ALL </span>Ackley Improved Calibers <span style="font-weight: bold">BE SURE TO INCLUDE "ALL" Details</span>