1. long range fire

    Is "detachable magazine" important in sniper rifle

    There appears quite a few changing out the bottom metal and hinged mag plate to detachable magazine. I'm wondering if the DM is an important feature in sniper rifle?
  2. G

    Most Important wind

    My friend and I have had a brief discussion on reading the wind and which zone one should take the most heed of.When I shoot on the range I always look at the range as a whole but see the near flags as the most important as the the bullet will have the first and longest affected flight time from...
  3. B

    Sniper’s Hide Cup Important info for Sniper's Hide Cup

    Important Info for 2009 Sniper’s Hide Cup Ok we are getting close so I wanted to email some info for the Cup as well as the train-up. Cup April 2-4, 2009 Start time will be 10am You can arrive a little early if you like so we can get the paperwork out of the way. Approx Ammo Rifle 160 (it...