1. serpnt

    .308 load using IMR4895 and 168gr Amax?????

    I'm looking for a load using Fed brass Win WRL primers IMR 4895 Hornaday 168gr A-Max Its what i have on hand and need a decent load to use for an informal match this wknd... Rifle is 26" Bartline 1-10 5r I'vs searched the loads section but havent found any with this combo......
  2. sobrbiker883

    Anyone use IMR4895 in 7-08

    I'm thinking of trying my 7-08 with 162Amax's. I have IMR4895 (use it for my 130/150gr SMK silhouette loads in the 7-08 and in my 308 and 223. Anyone running this combo and what kind of speeds are you getting?