.308 load using IMR4895 and 168gr Amax?????


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Nov 4, 2008
New Mexico
I'm looking for a load using
Fed brass
Win WRL primers
IMR 4895
Hornaday 168gr A-Max
Its what i have on hand and need a decent load to use for an informal match this wknd...
Rifle is 26" Bartline 1-10 5r

I'vs searched the loads section but havent found any with this combo......


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May 16, 2008
Florida, Hillsborough county
Re: .308 load using IMR4895 and 168gr Amax?????

While the Hodgdon manual lists loads starting at 41 grains up to a max of 45.4c, I like mine right in the meaty part of the bell curve: not coming in last and not showing off!

I'd work some up in the 42.5 range and up and down in .3 grain increments til you find something you like. Any chance to test/shoot them before your match?

I know my 178s seemed to like 41.9 and 42.2 grain loads and I was looking to work up to the next node; I'm guessing it is in the 43.7 range, but I got a 8lb jug of Varget so I stopped my experimenting for the short term.

Good luck in your match.