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  1. J

    Rifle Scopes AI rifle and cosine indicator

    I am waiting for my AIAW in 260 rem with the AI scope mount. I already have the S&B 3-12x50 with illumunated reticle. I wish to mount an Angle cosine indicator or Horus ASLI on it but wonder what type of mount to use and where to place it as there is very little room on the scope with...
  2. J

    Rifle Scopes Angle indicator: Which one?

    I am looking for a Slope Level Indicator. Which one would you advise? the Horus Vision Angle Slope Level Indicator - Or the Angle cosine indicator?
  3. stephenmaturin

    Rifle Scopes What Angle Cosine Indicator?

    I´d like your advice about an ACI, what an where could I find? Thank you. Javier.