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  1. 1

    Please help on IRA .308 buffer question?

    I'm putting together the IRA DPMS type lower with DPMS LPK and Magpul PRS stock with A2 rifle stock tube,buffer and spring. The problem is the bolt hold won't hold the bolt. I'd try on two DPMS upper and the problem still exist. I swapped the buffer from my AR-15 carbine length and the problem...
  2. canuck

    IRA Lowers Technical Question

    I have a functional question regarding the IRA .308 lowers: On the website, they list two different specs for the lower - one for the Armalite system and one for the DPMS system. Prices are comparable, and I've heard fantastic endorsements of the product. My query goes to the differences...
  3. Phylodog

    My IRA Build is 99.8% Complete!

    As promised, here are pics of my 99.8% complete build: I am very pleased with the lower,IRA did a fantastic job with these. If it looks kind of familiar it's because I basically swapped the IRA for the DPMS lower that I had. A few other small changes were made as well, here are the...
  4. W

    IRA DPMS lower

    Has anyone received their DPMS compatible Iron Ridge lower??
  5. GasLight

    Got my lowers in today! Thanks IRA!!

    Well, great service and a great looking lower from IRA! Here are a couple pictures of mine: