1. D

    Jackson 2-Stage Remington Trigger?

    Please forgive me if this has been discussed in detail before, I tried to search in a number of different ways but came up empty. I was curious as to the Jackson 2-Stage triggers for Remington 700's. How do they compare to the AI 2-stage triggers, are they good, durable, easy to install/adjust...
  2. chevyrulz

    Maggie’s tasteless Michael Jackson jokes

    What do Michael Jackson and Tiger Woods have in common? They are both famous for playing with little white balls. What's this?: __________________________ Michael Jackson's EKG. Michael Jackson has court, his lawyer asked him if they had any evidence on him... Michael replied, yes, but...
  3. Smokin

    Huber Tactical vs CG Jackson Trigger

    Just read the writeup on Huber Tactical 2 stage triggers. It seems that the main competition for that trigger is the CG Jackson trigger. The Huber is a bit more expensive but doenst require gunsmithing. The CG Jackson will require inletting and adjusting. Anyone with some real world experience...
  4. N

    CG Jackson Trigger On A Quad

    I just picked up a Quad off of GB and will be doing the standard ditch the stock, barrel, and knob and build er up. I was wondering if anyone has sprung for a CG Jackson trigger for their quad and what they think of them? I think I remember reading they can be set down to 10oz for the final...
  5. 918v

    Gunsmithing Jackson Rifles Trigger & Bottom Metal ???

    I hacked my factory BM to death to accept this trigger. I wanna get a Badger M4 but am concerned about the clearance. Will these two work well together?
  6. H

    Inletting an AICS for the CG Jackson trigger....

    The Badger LA receiver is on the way, the AICS is set up for it/machined out by Badger. Anyone have a template or guide for fitting a CG Jackson trigger into this set up? thanks!
  7. Smokin

    CG Jackson Trigger vs Jewell HVR

    I have my rifle at GAP for a rebarrel. It currently has a Jewell Since its there, Im kicking around the idea of changing the trigger to a two stage CG Jackson Trigger. Any opinions? Anyone with bad experiences with this trigger? I've only heard good things about it, but its not a cheap upgrade...