1. S

    SOLD J Allen 700

    JAE J Allen 700 SA Chassis. Nice condition with minor wear. Has the newest updated “cage” (interfaces receiver) installed. $1,400 shipped. Paypal F&F or add 3% for fee.
  2. Kimber.204

    Accessories SOLD

    I'm reluctantly selling my JAE-700 short action stock. I love this stock.....but I have only used it a couple times in the past year. It comes with the accessories shown in the photos. Asking $1050.00 shipped CONUS.
  3. Kimber.204

    Accessories SOLD J Allen JAE-700 RH-SA

    I am selling a J Allen JAE-700 Short Action stock. It is in great condition. I bought it used, but I don't think the person took it out of the safe. I only shot it off of the bench. I do not see any damage or defects. It was the latest generation, from what I have been told. It comes with...
  4. Novak77

    Accessories JAE 100 Gen 1

    Hey all, I am in the process of converting my DMR type M1A / M14 builds to EBR's, so its time to let my JAE go. Comes as pictured (does not include the rifle) with some extra LOP spacers, cheek riser spacers and screws. $725 TYD in the lower 48. For any additional pics, questions, offers...
  5. S

    Accupod mount for JAE Stock

    i would love to mount an accupod on my M1A In a JAE stock, does anyone know or dealer out here, if I can order that piece seperately and mount myself? Part # JAE OHR Offhand rest w/ integral 1913 picatinny rail. Thanks
  6. Gildoom

    Springfield M1A JAE stock

    The wait for my stock was around 4 months, Lisa gave updates and suggested mods for the stock to help its resale as well. They are very good people, highly impressed. The rifle is a great shooter, the biggest fear I had was some advice you all, and I forget the gal here who months ago warned...
  7. W

    JAE 700

    Has anyone had any experience withe the JAE 700rsa stock? I am considering ordering one and really cant find any usable info on them. Thanks for any reply.
  8. M

    JAE or McMillan for M1a

    I am building an M1a and am wondering what stock to get. the McMillian is lots less expensive. Can the JAE stock deliver the accuracy that a McMillan stock that is bedded can? Which would you choose and why?