1. H

    JLK Vs. Berger

    Just had a friend tell about JLK bullets. How do they match up to Berger .308 210 Gr VLD
  2. S

    Anyone order from JLK lately?

    When I call his phone (417) 831-2309 I get a busy signal. I emailed him over a week ago and haven't heard back. I just want to make sure that they are still open before I mail a check.
  3. jayjaytuner

    80 grain JLK in noveske ar15

    anyone know if one could reload the JLK 80 grain VLD and make it chamber in the noveske match mod 0 chamber ar-15 biuld with noveske 7 twist 18" SPR barrel dont have a chamber length gauge at the moment, kinda of a long shot, but wondering if anyone knew off hand
  4. USMCj

    7mm JLK 180gr VLD, anyone using them in 7WSM?

    Do these really have a BC of .735? Sounds unreal! Anyone have luck with these in a 7WSM? and how do they compare to Bergers 180 VLD? http://www.swampworks.com/jlk/JLK%20Bullets.html