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    Rifle Scopes kaps scopes 3.5-10 illuminated

    anyone heard of these. i looked through one today and i mean s&b quality was all i saw at about 1600 bucks. its got a 7.62 turret on and has a bdc. it is illuminated and seemed amazing. turning the turrets you could feel every click. i think i am gonna by it tomorrow if anyone has heard...
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    Rifle Scopes New KAPS 2.5-10 FFP BDC with Digital Illumination

    Hey Guys, the new KAPS 2.5-10 x 50 ffp tactical just kicks ass...New exposed knobs, digital illumination, .308 cam out to 600mm with the knob and 1000m with the sniper reticule. So far about 650 rounds and not a hitch. Shot it side by side in WY with the new Ellis and to say it blew it out of...