1. JohnJameson

    NC Coyote Hunt near Bragg/Fay:

    Good evening, I'm (still) looking to start hunting coyote (day/night). Does anyone know of any private land or farmers that want coyote removed? If not, does anyone know where to find private land for lease at a reasonable price? Thanks!
  2. B

    Living in Vermont or NH questions

    My family and I currently live in the wonderful liberal state of New York (born and raised), in the Finger Lakes area. My wife is the bread winner/sugar mama and my pay is not even in the same ball park. Though she has a virtual office from home, her company's home base in the USA is just...
  3. JRose

    Movie Theater Land of the Lost

    Someone give me the skinny on this flick, we have a baby sitter this weekend and am thinking about a trip to the movies with the wife. I used to love the show as a kid, and the previews look funny.
  4. M

    Land Navigation and Orienteering Course in N. AL

    Basic Land Navigation and Orienteering Course being held June 13-14. The location will be at Guntersville State Park in North Alabama. For more information contact Macky Outlaw with Strategic Consulting Training Group: 256-601-1150.
  5. K

    Movie Theater Land of The Lost on SciFi...

    The original Land of the Lost is on right now on SciFi!!! Dude, awesome!!! This show is one that I grew up on, and it scared the hell outta me. Oh crap!! THE SLEESTAK ARE COMING!! LOOK OUT FOR LULU THE TWO HEADED DINOSAUR!! LOOK OUT HOLLY, MEDUSA IS BEHIND YOU!!! And don't forget...
  6. RollingThunder51

    Photos No Mans Land

    Within the night a trunk appeared on the horizon.