1. M

    Suppressors Suppressor for .338 Lap Mag?

    Who makes the best suppressor for the .338 Lapua Magnum? I would like to use it on my .308 and .30-06, how well would it work if I did so?
  2. mjh30

    Rifle Scopes Necessary to lap Seekins rings, yes or no?

    Just wondering peoples thoughts, is it necessary to spend more money on a lapping kit on rings that are supposedly excellent.
  3. Mag 300

    Best load for AWM 338 lap 1 in 10 twist

    are you shooting 250 or 300 gr in yours also coould you share the load with me . leaning to 300 gr Thanks in advance
  4. valentin_84

    Rifle Scopes Should I lap?

    Do you guys suggest lapping scope rings? I dropped my rifle off ate the gunsmiths to have the scope mounted and I asked him if I should have the rings lapped. He said he wouldn't mind doing it but it's pretty rare that someone asks for it. I was pretty surprised. Isn't that a important thing...
  5. dman

    Gunsmithing To Lap or Machine that is the question?

    Ive recently been talking to some smiths and have heard different opinions on how to blueprint a 700 action. Hand lap or machine? each smith I spoke to was strong on there opinion and didnt hesitate to blast others who disagree. any input would be helpful
  6. glock24

    Rifle Scopes What are you guys using to lap 34mm rings?

    It is a Stiller base and Seekins rings, so I hope I won't need to lap, however I need a plan B if that isn't the case. Anyone make a 34mm lapping bar for less than $125 (Kokopelli Products)? When I had a set of 35mm rings, I bought some 35mm precision round stock through McMaster-Carr and used...