1. TimeWillTell

    Hunting & Fishing HSUS petitioning Dept of Interior to Ban lead ammo on public lands

    This is something that could impact all of us here that partake in more than just target and recreational shooting. Thought I would spread the word so others would be aware. If we are not proactive on this issue we will eventually end up being required to use non-toxic ammo for all shooting...
  2. general_purpose

    Suppressors Lewis Lead Remover for cleaning lead

    For those who may practice with lead bullets. I saw this on Brownells http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/lid=11099/guntechdetail/ ...for the Lewis lead remover. It's supposed to get the lead out of your barrels, chambers, and forcing cone completely.
  3. Jered Joplin

    Patriot Arms / APA lead times

    I just wanted to take a second and let everyone know where we were at these days. We have been really busy and I have been really distant on this site for the most part. We have had our nose to the grind stone for the last 6 months. Our wait times on complete builds were approaching 11...
  4. Lineman711

    Question about .44 mag and lead bullets

    I recently bought a used Super Blackhawk from a guy and last night he stopped by and gave me 3 boxes of his reloads. I'm the kind of person that doesn't fire others loads in any gun I own unless I know them to be a competent loader and he assured me he was. So I took the reloads. 3 boxes of...
  5. M

    Gunsmithing Lead shot in HS stock

    I picked up some lead shot to fill my HS Precision stock up before replacing the recoil pad. Is JB weld strong enough to hold the lead shot in there if mixed together?
  6. bohem

    40SW lead load

    40SW and 10mm auto lead loads. 175 TC and I'll be using Bullseye. Does anyone have a good start point to work up from?
  7. chpprguy

    Gunsmithing cast lead bullets in a semi-auto

    This question may seem stupid, but I am unsure and searched with no luck. I have a lot of 230 RNFP cast bullits I usually shoot in a 45LC SAA replica. Can I load these in 45ACP and shoot them in a Semi-auto? Namely an XD 45 tactical.... Mostly for plinking and staying proficient with the...
  8. chadg

    Advanced Marksmanship trap or lead

    Lets hear some comments on trapping or leading. And which is more productive for you, and why.
  9. Nocalphoenix

    Winchester lead free .22lr?

    Has anyone seen or used it yet? Im stuck in Condor country and Im looking for some rimfire to dink squirrels with. Nobody has it in stock and they want about $120-150 for 500 rounds. Im just looking for any insite on accuracy or performance. Im not expecting match accuracy but hoping for one...
  10. S

    Help with load for 200 gr SWC 45 ACP (lead)

    Anybody got a good load for a 45 ACP 200 gr SWC lead bullet? I tried 7.0 of Unique but it was a bit snappy, felt more like 40. Also, has anybody had any problems with this bullet in a Springfield XD? Strick
  11. D

    308 lead load

    I have no experiance what so ever with lead rifle loads.Where I live my local range is only 100 yds and this is were 80% of my shooting has to be done.It seems kinda a waste of bullets powder and barrels to shoot my full bore 308 match rounds.So I was thinking of doing a reduced power lead load...