1. BgBmBoo


    Ok...so I received my Redding 3 piece die set for my new 6XC...I am pretty new to reloading and have been using all RCBS comp. FL dies for all my loading to date. So now I need to know what to do? I get the bushing setup...and the seating die is straight forward enough....but what do I do with...
  2. Bryan27

    Gunsmithing How to learn CNC?

    Not that I'm going to go out and buy a CNC mill in the near future, but I'm a little bit curious as to how/where you learn how to operate one of these machines. The local tech school that I took a class at has one CNC mill, but the instructor is old school and only teaches you how to use the...
  3. lordt313

    Advice on how to learn LR precision shooting

    Hello, I am what I think to be a fairly proficient shooter, I have never had any formal training or instruction, everything I know of shooting has come from videos, books, and Outdoor channel. A couple of years ago I shot out to 700 yds with a friend who was a competative LR shooter, with is...