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  1. dcogan@360Precision

    SOLD Manners Elite Tac Copperhead molded composite stock - Left Hand - For Sale NEW

    Manners Elite Tac Copperhead molded composite stock - Left Hand - For Sale NEW PRS-TCS (Tunable Competition Stock) Short Action Left Hand Double Dead TCS Shell, Elite Tac Copperhead PRS-TCS-DBM Mini Chassis trigger guard inlet – mini chassis is included PRS-TCS up to 1.35" Straight Barrel...
  2. Rick_gcprifleco

    Left Hand Sale For Sale: Left Hand Vudoo V-22 Gen.2, Gen. 3 in Vision Chassis or KRG Bravo Chassis, Both Available, New

    Left Hand Vudoo V-22 Complete Rifles $2,780.00 – $3,759.00 Ready to ship rifles. LEFT HAND RIFLES ONLY Vudoo V-22 Gen. 2 barreled action with a 22” Kukri profile. Bartlein barrel, threaded 1/2x/28, comes with thread protector. Barreled action is in a KRG Bravo chassis with the upgraded...
  3. Chasingpro

    Firearms WTS/WTT LH Uintah 6cm with NX8

    Looking to sell the entire package or trade for Q Honey Badger pistol Uintah Precision upper LH 6cm- 136 rds fired Area 419 Hellfire brake JP enterprises mount Nightforce NX8 4-32 Mil-XT Harris bipod Aero M5 lower Hiperfire X2S Mod 1 trigger Magpul PRS lite stock Hard case 2 pmags- 10 rd and 25...
  4. sneakypayload

    Left Hand Sale WTS MPA 6MMBA 6CM

    Brand new MPA 6MMBA 6 creedmoor rifle for sale. Backordered at least 14-16 weeks if not more for LH config. 24 inch MTU Barrel Tungsten Chassis 1 magazine Just went a different way. This hasn’t been fired. $2900 shipped to your FFL, lower 48 only. Or pickup local in Kansas City area (KS...
  5. B

    Left Hand Sale Remove

    No longer available LH Impact action 6.5x47 26” Proof SS comp 1/8 barrel roughly 900 rounds on it. Chambered by The Firm MDT ACC chassis Trigger Tech “Special” trigger Redding comp seating die Whitten resizing die 1079 140 Hybrids 100 1x Fired Lapua brass 200 new Lapua brass 300 2-3x...
  6. J

    Left Hand Sale Sold

    Hello, I have a JAE chassis for sale. It is inlet for a left handed Remington 700 Short Action or clone. It has been relief cut with a dremel to accept actions with a larger bolt handle/knob. It is in good condition with minor paint chips as shown in pictures. Chassis comes with action...
  7. N

    Left Hand Twist Barrel Manufacturers

    I played with some ballistic calc numbers, and noticed that left-hand vs right-hand twist difference becomes larger and larger as barrel twist rate becomes faster. For old slower twist barrels, the difference between L vs R is small enough to be negligible. But for 1:7 twist barrels shooting...
  8. LucasRaymond

    SOLD WTB LH Chassis

    Looking for a chassis for LH Rem 700 SA clones. Let me know what you have for sale. Thanks *i have a Manners TCS ordered from March but not sure when I’ll be receiving that; just want something short term to use in the mean time and then plan on reselling it when the TCS arrives
  9. BuildingConceptsllc

    Left Hand Sale Sold: Cadex. LIte Strike (Lefty)

    I literally just bought this from another hide member, but it's not going to work for my action without me modifying one or the either. It's a SWEET set up and a great deal for what is a New Chassis. Rem 700 Left Hand - (origin action requires either shorter action rail or buying a different...
  10. K

    WTB ISO: Long Action Left Hand Rifle

    I’m looking for a left hand hunting rifle. Preferably a 30-06 but will entertain other calibers. Looking at a CZ 557, savage 110, tikka, Christensen, etc.
  11. BuildingConceptsllc

    Accessories SOLD- WTS: MPA hybrid chassis- AMBI- black

    Mpa hybrid in good condition, has arca rail and reg bag rider, level built in, ect... Rem 700 - SA Would be interested in PVS 30 or PVS24LR +cash on my end of course, or maybe other trades also. Sale for Chassis only $725 each- shipped CONUS
  12. BuildingConceptsllc

    Firearms WTT- Win. Mod 70 - 30-06 Right Hand

    I have a 30-06 mod 70, Synthetic Stock that's about 20 years old but like new. It's perfect, with a nice bolt. The only issue is that it's Right Hand and I can't shoot RH rifles anymore, so I need a Left Hand rifle. I'd like to trade it for a Left Handed rifle if I can or a tripod if I can't...
  13. S

    Left Hand Sale Savage Model 10 FCP Longe Range Package

    Savage Model 10 FCP Tactical Left Hand bolt in 308. Comes with a Bushnell LRTSi First Focal Plane illuminated G3 reticle scope. The stock was dipped in camo pattern. Comes with dual swivel adjustable leg bipod by Harris. Gun has about 30 rounds through it. Selling because I don't have access to...
  14. Pappakap

    Left Hand Sale SOLD GAP Shorty .308

    Up for sale is my GA Precision 18” 308 in a McMillan stock. I am the third owner and it was purchased a couple of years ago from a fellow member. I Sent it off to GA to have flush cups added, barrel threaded and a Bastard attached. Included will also be a barrel nut GA made to match if you...
  15. Infidel1911

    Accessories Red Hill Tactical Glock 19 Holster Left Hand

    Brand new Red Hill Tactical Holster for Glock 19. Carbon Fiber Outside, Blood Red kydex inside. Upgraded DLC tension screws. Compatible with Tek-Lok or any of Blade-Tech's attachment systems. **Left Hand** $60 shipped
  16. SubsonicTech

    Firearms *PLEASE DELETE* Moved to Left Hand Firearms Sale Forum

    Fabarm AXIS RS12 LH Trap Combo. 32" O/U barrel + 34" Unsingle barrel. Excellent condition - 407 rounds through the shotgun total (382 through the Unsingle and 25 through the O/U). Gorgeous Turkish walnut stock with left hand cast on (.1875 at the toe and .125 at the heel). Purchased new in 2019...
  17. C

    Left Hand Sale WTS Rem 700 .308 MDT LSS

    Remington 700 SPS in .308. Overview: MDT LSS chassis XLR buttstock Vortex HST 4-16x44 EGW 20MOA scope base Ergo grip 26" Barrel UPDATE: Barreled action and scope SOLD MDT chassis, buttstock, and grip are still available.
  18. K

    KRG Bravo chassis LH mod help

    I have a KRG Bravo chassis with a Big Horn Action. It has been modified to accept the left handed action. I have posted pics of the cut out part. My question is what can I do to smooth out the stock material to make it look a little bit better? I am also using AI magazines and it is pretty rough...
  19. bhoges

    Rem 700 223 build range report and build update

    A few weeks back my buddy wanted to do a writeup on velocity vs barrel length on a 223 factory rifle. I just happened to have a stock Rem700Vs in 223 with a 26in barrel. We chopped her down to 16.5 inches and recorded all the readings along the way. Well once my rifle was pretty much destroyed I...
  20. C

    Gunsmithing Rem 700 Left Hand Safety

    Does anyone know of a place where I can get a left hand safety kit? I bought a Shilen trigger kit sans safety thinking I could just pick up a safety kit later. I can't seem to find anyone offering a left hand version of this kit. Thanks.